Teenagers are welcome to see any doctor, nurse or health visitor they wish. We are happy talk about any aspect of your health that concerns you. In small communities there is often a worry about your health being gossiped about. You can be sure that all consultations are entirely confidential.

Acne, anxiety, contraception issues, growing and developing, drugs and alcohol, anything can be discussed. There is no such thing as a silly question. The practice also has two Mental Health Nurses offering support for a wide range of anxieties and health issues that do not necessarily require a referral on to specific Mental Health services.  Please see information leaflet on Primary Care Mental Health nurse service.

Other sources of information:


For mental health issues, abuse, pregnancy, depression age 9-19:


or phone 01993 892424

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Emergency Contraception for Under 18s

All Pharmacists in Oxfordshire who are currently offering free emergency hormonal contraception to under 18s are listed on the Oxfordshire Services Directory. 
Their website address is: www.OxfordshireServicesDirectory.org.uk

Chlamydia Screening

Free Chlamydia Screening kits can be ordered from the website below there is no need to see a GP