Clinics We Offer

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Cervical Smears

One of the practice nurses will carry out a smear test during a well woman check if it is appropriate to do so. They may also be carried out during afternoon surgery by the practice nurses by appointment. It is recommended that all women (between the ages of 25 and 65) should have the test every 3-5 years and invitations are sent out to individual patients by the National Screening service at the appropriate times.

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Child Health Clinic

The child immunisation clinic is held on Tuesday afternoons from 1.00pm last appointment 3.30pm. This clinic is to carry out childhood immunisations. The Health Visitor will arrange appointments for routine development checks directly with the parents. Parents are encouraged to discuss any problems about their child with the health visitor and/or their doctor. Patients are seen at the immunisation clinic by appointment.

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Diabetes Clinic

The practice runs a complete service for all diabetic patients, who are reviewed regularly. Patients are seen by the nurse and their own GP, they may also see the dietician and podiatrist as required, by appointment. There is a facility available once a year for diabetic patients to receive digital retinopathy checks free of charge, at the surgery. Appointments will be sent out to patients offering this check. Patients will be seen by the lead nurse, Mitch Pugh, who monitors diabetics in conjunction with the patient's usual doctor.

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Family Planning

The doctors and nurses provide a full range of family planning services and pre-conceptual counselling.



Health Checks

Any patient between the age of 16 and 74 who has not attended a consultation/clinic at the surgery in the last three years can request a consultation of which the practice will make such enquiries as appear to be appropriate in the circumstances.

Patients over 75, who have not participated in a consultation in the last 12 months can also request such a consultation. This can take place in the patient's home if it is felt reasonable that it would be inappropriate for the patient to attend the surgery premises.


Influenza vaccine is available in October/November each year and immunisations will be given, wherever possible, in special surgery clinics. Patients aged 65 years and over and those with a chronic condition are recommended to have the vaccine and should telephone to book an appointment towards the end of September onwards.

Pneumococcal vaccine is available and patients who should receive this immunisation will be identified and written to inviting them to make an appointment or to see the practice nurse.

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There is a national breast cancer screening service, which is administered centrally from Oxford. The mobile service visits the area annually. The service is offered to all women between the ages of 50 and 65 years and the follow-up is every three years. If you are in this age group you will automatically be sent an appointment by the administration centre. 

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Minor Surgery

The practice undertakes appropriate minor surgery.  You will need to make an appointment with a GP in the first instance to discuss the appropriateness of surgery.


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Mental Health Nurse Support Team

The practice now has two Mental Health Nurses offering support clinics most weeks.  Please see attached leaflet for further information. 

Appointments are available most Tuesdays morning & afternoon and Thursday afternoons.

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Respiratory Clinic

The lead Respiratory disease nurse is Julie Hyam. Clinics are held throughout the week and can be booked with one of the practice nurses in other booked appointment slots, please contact the reception team for further information of appointment availability.  All patients with asthma should have an initial appointment for assessment and regular follow-up appointments as frequently as recommended by the nurse or doctor. Patients are seen by appointment or in some cases consultations can be by pre-arranged telephone appointments.

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Smoking Cessation

Patients who seek help and/or advice in quitting smoking can contact Smoke Free Life Oxfordshire 01865 238 036 | 0800 246 1072 or text QUIT to 66777

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Weight Management

Please make an appointment with a Practice Nurse or GP to discuss and individual plan.


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Well Man Checks

These are normally carried out by the healthcare assistant or practice nurse and involve a blood pressure check together with a discussion on diet and lifestyle. A well man check can be arranged in any of the nursing team surgeries.

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Well Woman Checks

These consist of a health check and offers the opportunity for discussion of women's problems and family planning. The practice nurses will see patients by appointment. Please contact reception to arrange.